Fundraising 2024 - renewal of the Agriparco platform

Help us to realize a great social project:

AGRIPARCO “Accolti e Raccolti” (welcomed and harvested)

a place where everyone will have the same opportunities and where inclusion will be a reality

“Try to imagine a place where everyone, even people with disabilities and fragility, they can work the land, prepare food, serve in a restaurant, train and discover their talent putting themselves to the test in an inclusive and innovative environment.”

This place is THE SOLIDARITY AGRIPARK “Accolti e Raccolti” of the Fondazione Tavecchio

Activities already started:

Vegetable garden and orchard
raised cultivation box on the platform
Educational Forest
Sensory Garden
Smart projects

The activities to be carried out in the future Center:

Wine School
Production laboratories
Cooking school
Rooms for training and events

The platform is central. Because its function is central:

The 1000 square meter platform is made up of 1000 planks - each plank has a value of €200

Help us renew it to make it even more accessible so that everyone can experience the Agripark

Our aim € 200.000,00
  • The donated planks will bear the name of the donor or recipient of the gift
  • You will receive a Christmas card to communicate your gift

Send us an email with your details to personalize the plank and/or to receive the message to send to the recipient(s) of your gift
email: [email protected]

Contact us +390399634280, or send an email to [email protected] Together we will build the most suitable initiative for your company.

TOGETHER WE WILL CREATE one of the most important parts of the Agriparco:

THE INCLUSIVE PLATFORM which will also allow the connection to the future multifunctional center soon to be built.